Monday, December 17, 2012

Board at school.

Check Out Rockys Blog !

The 2 Solider's that FAILED!!!!

Walking through the bush walk I saw these two Solider's on there way to the end of the road. I think they where on their way to war ??? I do not know ! I thought they where going to go for a prone jump where they land flat on their chest & lungs, !

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Friends. Uili & Rocky

ACROSTIC POEM ABOUT Uili & Rocky                                                                                                                   Uili is the most funniest boy I think in the class.

Is always humble.

Likes alot & I mean alot of sports!

Is never unavailable.

Really really hilarious.

Of course hes an Islander

Crazy but very funny


Yells at me like hes angry but is really sarcastic. 

My Sad Toy Story :(

My very sad story that nearly made me cry ! :(

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My camp memory

My room at camp was filled with boys so naturally filled with unfortunate gasses. I made the mistake of letting of a rather loud expression my room mates took this as an invitation to challenge me. It was beautiful.

Year 6 camp 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

This year has been an AWESOME year because my netbook has helped me with a variety of tasks and Homework, it has been an interesting year with my netbook because i’ve been taking my netbook home & completing work in my spare . It helps me to search for different types of topics, But the only thing that makes me capable of accessing the internet, My netbook has changed the way I learn at school, my whole entire life maybe !!! I enjoy many things on my netbook, Because I can access the internet many public places, the netbook is so light its not really heavy. Another great thing is being Cybersmart because the teachers can access our Google accounts like Google Docs & Especially our school Email, because teachers can track that we are not cyber bullying online in an Outside world, Our school is against cyber-bullying & the government are not supplying us with these netbooks to cyber-bully, we have the . One other thing I really enjoy is the way my the whole entire senior block has one netbook each , every Year 5-8 student has a netbook each. One part of the netbook I don't really enjoy is the hinges because they can be taken of or broken off. Another thing I don't really like is the way the silver button gets rusted & it ruins the look of the mouse, when the netbook is dropped it breaks really easily, especially when dropped upside down, When I dropped on the screen my screen was busted totally I was seriously going to bust into tears’ so I quickly picked up my netbook turned it on & the screen was totally busted & I could see nothing only a grey screen & cracked. I'm really looking forward to using my netbook in class next year, I hope next year it will change even more learning in my life. 2013 HERE I COME !!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


One snowy morning a little girl was skipping through the alleyway, she stopped and looked to her left there was a big black board with names written on it.. So she picked up the chalk and wrote her name on the board , Then the camera faced the little girl then all you see was a doll that looked like her & it was on the window sill staring at the back of her. Then she slowly turned around & crept up to it. She pushed the door and entered the house that was filled with dolls, the doll that looked like her had moved it was lying down like a ballerina.
 Her doll just laid there. So the little girl had crept in the house and saw this little toy that looked like the Saw riding on this look a like tricycle or whatever riding around, then the little girl just watched the Doll ride into the door over and over again. The the little girl stood up and took a stool over to the cabinet where the doll that looked like her moved again to the top of the cabinet . Trying to balance on the stool she finally was still she tippy toed to try and reach the head of the toy.. then boom before you knew it she was the doll, she could not move only look around....

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Day my Toy Came Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favourite toy came to life, the Nerf Double blaster Shotgun. It is my favourite toy ! It became a real double barrelled shotgun I loved it. It was real fun walking around with it , & People came up to me and say why are you holding a fake gun ? I reply “Because I want to!” I just feel real angry when it looks fake BUT ITS BLOMMEN REAL! I wish I could be just calm & act like it is a fake gun , but its not. I would try & dismantle it but it wouldn't work because its too heavy as well , I don’t even know if I could carry it again . Probably will break it. I could wish as hard as I can to turn it back to normal but still would’t work, that gun doesn't even shoot out real bullets.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Holiday

During the holidays I played on my X-Box 360 I played Call of Duty - Black ops Zombies, on Call of the Dead , during that time it was really BORING I wish we went Rainbows end but sadly we didn't . DREAMS SHATTERED  While I was playing call of the dead me & my brother where on round 17 & I had the thunder-gun & then when they where in like a group I pushed Right Trigger & BOOM` before you knew it they where long gone, me & my brother Neal where trying to get Pack-A-Punch to upgrade our guns, Just before we found it the zombie started running then I quickly upgraded my Ray gun to a Porters X2 ray gun & shot the Zombie to get continue to the next round........
   Later that day I decided to go to the Internet Cafe & play MW2 we played on the map called Rust. I used the Intervention with the thermal scope because its good when you quickscope. I like quick-scoping because we shout over the room saying Snipers Only so so funny, sometimes we use throwing knives its like a knife you use to throw instead of using a regular knife, & that was my EXTREMELY BORING HOLIDAY. I slept , I ate & went to the toilet HOW FUN! -_____

MW2 QuickScoping

Hi my name is Shayne, & welcome to my Interesting world, My favourite subject that I like to talk about most of the time is playing Modern Warfare 2 & using a Intervention using the thermal scope. When I play it says Perk 1, 2 , & 3, If you want to play this game it is still available in stores like EB games, Warehouse, JB HI FI, Dick Smith & some other stores that sell video games. The Objective to the game is to kill as many players as you can so you can win , there is a person who is hosting the game changes the way the match is , there are game modes as in Team Death-match  Free for all , & Capture the flag . Free for all is a game mode which means it is Every man for himself , & Team Death-Match is a game mode where you can play with friends against CPU enemies. As for my self I like using the Sniper called the Intervention which is a sniper with bolt action & its good for Quickscoping, Quickscoping is a type of way you but the way you scope it doesn't stay for long its just a quick tap of the zoom button and a quick tap of the shoot button. I prefer if you are into shooting games you buy Modern Warfare 2 or the newest one 3 .  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yohan Blake

Yohan Blake takes the nickname of ‘’The Beast’’ you may have seen him compete in the 100m & 200m sprint, he is 22 years of age, born in St James in 1989 . He has held the 2nd place position in the Olympics for 2 years straight. Dropping back just behind Usain Bolt. When he trains he trains with Usain Bolt but just amazingly before the Olympics had started he had beaten Usain Bolt in there 100m sprint, he is coached by Glen Mills & has set a personal record of 9.69 which is extremely fast.
In the 200m his personal record won him a silver with a time of 19.26 which made him really happy, this year in the 2012 London Games he had never beaten his record if he had he would have been in the first place position & made him the next fastest man in the planet. I have never seen anything like Yohan Blake he might not be the fastest man on the planet, but he is happy with anything even if he wasn’t placed he would have been still celebrating. The top of the podium has got to be his dream come true, if ever I was an Athlete I would never ever give up because I have learnt of a really determine man, & he should a Legend of a making because I have learnt alot from what I so call an extraordinary athlete.
If there was a man on the earth that was really determine like Yohan he would be my hero.


Basketball is an Olympic event and also a International sport, which includes 2 teams. This includes really good team work, the objective to the game is to shoot the ball into the oppositions hoop which is 18m wide or a close up 2 pointer called a Slam Dunk close range shot , each team has one side of the court and there is a Three point marked around a 2 semicircles . The first basketball match hosted in the Olympics was held in the London games in 1936, and the USA have had seven straight wins which made them more than a 7 time gold medalist .
   If you would love to play this enjoyable sport anywhere where there is a hoop and a backboard to go with it. You will have to have branded shoes, a sweatband (optional), A partner a court, A foul marker, knee pads, you definitely need a basketball. You will have to learn or if you already know how to dribble the ball & know how to shoot 3 pointers and you have to be tall to dunk the ball or if you're short you will have to know how to jump real real high..

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My horrible Sneeze. ARH

My cousin filmed it not long ago & now its got more views than One Direction.Its on youtube named The planets biggest SNEEZE! I tried to keep it in, but my mouth could not help but open wide & blow a straight hole through the roof and brake the satellite dish. Well at least my nose is still placed below my eyes, I don’t want want any other appliances braking. My dog was barking so hard my neighbours complained and said to me “Hey there SUPERSTAR, I knew he was being sarcastic & I said “hey there” then he started to scream in my face until it felt like I was going to sneeze, aah aah ahh aah CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He went flying through the fence & when I reached him to see if he was conscious as soon as we reached him he was dead. );
I quickly called the hospital they answered “111 emergency how can I help you” I said get an ambulance here right now, the woman said “what's the problem ? “ she asked. I said in panic “ I sneezed so hard that my neighbour went flying through the fence. She said “how did the problem develop ? “ OMG just get an Ambulance over here now”. 20 min later the Ambulance had arrived and had started CPR on him and the man said “ I'm sorry but he has passed” . His wife ran outside and started screaming at me I tried to keep in that awful weapon of mine, ah ah ah........ TO BE CONTINUED.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Olympic Posing Ft Pixlr !!

This is me posing as LeBron James. I am trying to be a Basketball player in the world !!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Picasso ROCKSTAR !

This is the famous young man himself Bruno Mars he is known for singing very famous songs, my favorite song from him is Nothing on you featuring B.O.B, he is 26 years of age and was born on October 8th 1985. Picasso is a very complicated piece of art it looks so simple but its really not its like a profile view on one side and front view on the face on the other, my art was not so good because I'm sure I didn't add so much detail but im alright with the end result.

The PES Art Gallery...

My favorite piece of art was the Wooden Stand created by Selena Halfoka & Toreka Tele'a I like this piece of art because how she is sitting is so detailed and I like the color and texture put into this wonderful art work. You can see that the way they painted Selena sitting down is so hard to draw into a piece of art work. I saw the real picture theone they drew was as realistic as the real photograph.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Marvel Superhero's

As you know I am writing about the Marvel Superhero's. These character's that I have drawn are the main people I am going to talk about. Starting with Hulk, as you can see Hulk is the big bulky green monster that cannot talk, he is in the movie Avenger's he looks strong but in the movie he cannot carry Thor's Hammer. Now Superman he is by far my favourite Superhero he seems like the strongest he is sometimes weak, his weakest spot is his chest because it's just his weakest area.

Spiderman I know he wasn't in the Avengers because I think if he was in the Avengers he would die like 2 minutes in to the movie!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Going to Tokoroa

"Arrrrrrrrhhhhhh, mum I really need to go to the toileeeeet," I yelled! She replied, "Just wait, it's not my fault". I felt like screaming! We arrived in Tirau and a sign said 26 km to Cambridge. I was begging to go to the toilet. I nearly wet my pants........... 26 km's later we arrived in Cambridge, a sigh of relief hit me and I quickly ran to the toilet..........

When we arrived in Tokoroa, and we turned in to Maraetai Rd, and my Dad turned into the drive way. I dashed to my cousin's. We all hugged. I was so happy I couldn't believe that we had made it there. The weekend we spent was a very memorable one.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Swimming Animation

This animation shows you how to swim, I animated this on Hyperstudio.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Unlike other arts, the Picasso art is a type of art that can be 3D. From my research I found out that a guy called Pablo Picasso was a famous painter. He made one of the best piece of art in the early 60’s. I watched a video which artist had drawn amazing and unbelievable, it looked like there was a hole through the concrete, check out our Class Site.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Day We went Swimming

“ Yay” I said, walking down to the Glen Innes Pools I was angry too because I wasn’t Swimming. We stopped, we are at the pools finally, I really wanted to swim. Watching the others I tried to copy them but it didn’t work I could had just jumped in the pool. “ Grab a Flutter Board everyone” I tried to grab one I failed, they grabbed hold of the board in the front and started to kick, small but fast kicks was the key to swimming fast.  

Monday, April 30, 2012

Anzac Test

Thats right!! I said so loud that a Kiwi fans threw a scrap piece of paper at my head. I looked behind it looked like nobody threw it. I it knew the referee cheating and everybody was chanting that, I was chanting but the chanting was getting rude after a while, sidestepping left and right Jonathan Thurston finally scores. I reckon if Shaun Johnson and Isaac Luke hadn’t scored the try everybody would be cheering for the Kangaroos.

Friday, March 23, 2012


“AHOYY MI Jellywaggerz” my name is Captain Usma, we are going to war with the ugly person himself Captain Arly, he has the most ugliest ship of all time history everything in that ship has to be steel iron everything that is the same to steel. His mast his steel, his leg is steel. “But me I'm made out of plastic” arrrhh, only one person can destroy my ship Captain Eagle Head, She is Captain Jack Swaggers assistant but not only that they come from Oklahoma were Captain America comes from but Arly himself cannot beat me ahhrrrrrrrr............

Later on that night we heard our ship under attack, “Collapse this ship” somebody was quietly saying. I heard alot of footsteps on board, the footsteps had came closer and closer. My parrot was so dumb because he was making a weird sound and Arly was kicking the doors like it was a toy, Striking every door we could hear him. “Attack” bang the door fell down. IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE READING CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Piece of Info for camp.

"Yay! We're going kayaking," I said with great pleasure. Walking down to the point I was so excited. But most time I felt a little concerned that I might fall out! Mr Burt was explaining the ways of holding the kayak paddles. "You will notice a bumpy handle on the blue bit," He said. As soon as I got on the kayak I sighed. As soon as I jumped into the kayak I had fun!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Story of Dr. Ben Carson

During the early hours of the morning we headed down to the TelstraClear Event Center to see the very famous man called Dr.Ben Carson he had rough moments as a kid, he couldn’t believe that he could do the best. He had a anger problem, because any little mistake that had happened, He put his hand into a fist and get angry,when people said that he was the dumbest in the class he would say back “yes I am the dumbest in the class. So his mum sent him to the Detroit library. Instead of watching television all night his mother had told him that he could only watch 2 programs per week.

He always use to get himself into fights and get angry at anything, never he answered a single question in class, one day he got so angry that he had knife and his locker wouldn’t shut he tried stabbing a kid in school, lucky for the boy that his belt blocked it from and his metal part of the belt snapped and the boy panicked and ran to the teacher. His temper was so bad it continued, until one day his mother sent him to the Detroit library and he read a Geology book which one day made him answer a question in class, the teacher asked “What stone is this called?” nobody raised there hand, then Ben Carson raised his hand and everybody looked back at him............

Friday, February 17, 2012

Picasa Faces

I like how sometimes I’m the same and different check out the photos for all the Ways I can be different.

Some times I feel like a Chipmunk

Sometimes I'm ugly

Sometimes I’m Normal

Sometimes every thing adds up together

Friday, February 10, 2012

Favorite Game

Favorite game is Call Of Duty Black Opps I like that game because the Multiplayer you get to change the weapon's that you Carrie around with you. The get to choose what sight, as in you can get the red dot sight which is the best sight I think that is on Black Ops! Zombies round 27 is the highest I've made with my brother, but by myself I have made it to round 17 its so hard because I always have to get killed on that round. Things about Black Ops I love is that I get to do heaps of missions on campaign.

Friday, February 3, 2012

About Me

Hello Viewers my name is Shayne, my favorite activity is Rugby League, I am not playing for a club at the moment. I have 7 siblings 5 brothers 2 sisters, I am the youngest. My nationality is Cook Island & Solomon Islands. My hair Color is Brunette I hate my hair color. singers are Chris Brown and Rihanna. I look like a bear. Talking about bears, Brown bears are my favorite.

Xbox Games are Uncharted 3 and Black Ops best games ever, Counter Strike I love that game I play it everyday! X-Factor and American Idol are my most watched T.V shows. My Friends they are cool I don't have that much. Number one Movie Scream 5 funny and freaky!

Worst subject I would have Writing and my favorite umm............... Maths. If I had the chance I would become an I.T specialist. Hobby's Rugby League because big hits best tries ever favorite players like Greg Inglis and Cooper Cronk, sadly Inglis Injured his ankle scoring a try for the Indigenous All Stars!

Books I don't really like but my favorite book is Willy the Wizard! I always look up to my brother Oneal because he supports me in my darkest