Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

This year has been an AWESOME year because my netbook has helped me with a variety of tasks and Homework, it has been an interesting year with my netbook because i’ve been taking my netbook home & completing work in my spare . It helps me to search for different types of topics, But the only thing that makes me capable of accessing the internet, My netbook has changed the way I learn at school, my whole entire life maybe !!! I enjoy many things on my netbook, Because I can access the internet many public places, the netbook is so light its not really heavy. Another great thing is being Cybersmart because the teachers can access our Google accounts like Google Docs & Especially our school Email, because teachers can track that we are not cyber bullying online in an Outside world, Our school is against cyber-bullying & the government are not supplying us with these netbooks to cyber-bully, we have the . One other thing I really enjoy is the way my the whole entire senior block has one netbook each , every Year 5-8 student has a netbook each. One part of the netbook I don't really enjoy is the hinges because they can be taken of or broken off. Another thing I don't really like is the way the silver button gets rusted & it ruins the look of the mouse, when the netbook is dropped it breaks really easily, especially when dropped upside down, When I dropped on the screen my screen was busted totally I was seriously going to bust into tears’ so I quickly picked up my netbook turned it on & the screen was totally busted & I could see nothing only a grey screen & cracked. I'm really looking forward to using my netbook in class next year, I hope next year it will change even more learning in my life. 2013 HERE I COME !!

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