Friday, February 17, 2012

Picasa Faces

I like how sometimes I’m the same and different check out the photos for all the Ways I can be different.

Some times I feel like a Chipmunk

Sometimes I'm ugly

Sometimes I’m Normal

Sometimes every thing adds up together

Friday, February 10, 2012

Favorite Game

Favorite game is Call Of Duty Black Opps I like that game because the Multiplayer you get to change the weapon's that you Carrie around with you. The get to choose what sight, as in you can get the red dot sight which is the best sight I think that is on Black Ops! Zombies round 27 is the highest I've made with my brother, but by myself I have made it to round 17 its so hard because I always have to get killed on that round. Things about Black Ops I love is that I get to do heaps of missions on campaign.

Friday, February 3, 2012

About Me

Hello Viewers my name is Shayne, my favorite activity is Rugby League, I am not playing for a club at the moment. I have 7 siblings 5 brothers 2 sisters, I am the youngest. My nationality is Cook Island & Solomon Islands. My hair Color is Brunette I hate my hair color. singers are Chris Brown and Rihanna. I look like a bear. Talking about bears, Brown bears are my favorite.

Xbox Games are Uncharted 3 and Black Ops best games ever, Counter Strike I love that game I play it everyday! X-Factor and American Idol are my most watched T.V shows. My Friends they are cool I don't have that much. Number one Movie Scream 5 funny and freaky!

Worst subject I would have Writing and my favorite umm............... Maths. If I had the chance I would become an I.T specialist. Hobby's Rugby League because big hits best tries ever favorite players like Greg Inglis and Cooper Cronk, sadly Inglis Injured his ankle scoring a try for the Indigenous All Stars!

Books I don't really like but my favorite book is Willy the Wizard! I always look up to my brother Oneal because he supports me in my darkest