Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Picasso ROCKSTAR !

This is the famous young man himself Bruno Mars he is known for singing very famous songs, my favorite song from him is Nothing on you featuring B.O.B, he is 26 years of age and was born on October 8th 1985. Picasso is a very complicated piece of art it looks so simple but its really not its like a profile view on one side and front view on the face on the other, my art was not so good because I'm sure I didn't add so much detail but im alright with the end result.

The PES Art Gallery...

My favorite piece of art was the Wooden Stand created by Selena Halfoka & Toreka Tele'a I like this piece of art because how she is sitting is so detailed and I like the color and texture put into this wonderful art work. You can see that the way they painted Selena sitting down is so hard to draw into a piece of art work. I saw the real picture theone they drew was as realistic as the real photograph.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Marvel Superhero's

As you know I am writing about the Marvel Superhero's. These character's that I have drawn are the main people I am going to talk about. Starting with Hulk, as you can see Hulk is the big bulky green monster that cannot talk, he is in the movie Avenger's he looks strong but in the movie he cannot carry Thor's Hammer. Now Superman he is by far my favourite Superhero he seems like the strongest he is sometimes weak, his weakest spot is his chest because it's just his weakest area.

Spiderman I know he wasn't in the Avengers because I think if he was in the Avengers he would die like 2 minutes in to the movie!