Thursday, September 19, 2013

If You could say anything to the world what would it be ?

On a beautiful day Joshua Iosefo came into our class & asked our literacy What Spoken word was? some things that he explained about the subject where. Our class had different ideas to what it could it be, my thoughts on the subject where that Spoken Word could be a performance of art based on words. 

If I was to stand up in front of the world & share my thoughts on what some of the worlds problems or & New Zealand's problems would to stop child abuse because it doesn't help the child & the family as well. If I had the opportunity to speak I would talk about how much parents need to stop abusing and tell children to stop stressing out their parents & start to listen. I'm just saying that because I have experienced that but now I'm a changed person, I would just say to my parents. Currently I am now enjoying my life you should too!