Monday, June 11, 2012

Marvel Superhero's

As you know I am writing about the Marvel Superhero's. These character's that I have drawn are the main people I am going to talk about. Starting with Hulk, as you can see Hulk is the big bulky green monster that cannot talk, he is in the movie Avenger's he looks strong but in the movie he cannot carry Thor's Hammer. Now Superman he is by far my favourite Superhero he seems like the strongest he is sometimes weak, his weakest spot is his chest because it's just his weakest area.

Spiderman I know he wasn't in the Avengers because I think if he was in the Avengers he would die like 2 minutes in to the movie!

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  1. Hey Shayne
    I really like your drawing and your writing. Its so great that you describe each character.


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