Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Story of Dr. Ben Carson

During the early hours of the morning we headed down to the TelstraClear Event Center to see the very famous man called Dr.Ben Carson he had rough moments as a kid, he couldn’t believe that he could do the best. He had a anger problem, because any little mistake that had happened, He put his hand into a fist and get angry,when people said that he was the dumbest in the class he would say back “yes I am the dumbest in the class. So his mum sent him to the Detroit library. Instead of watching television all night his mother had told him that he could only watch 2 programs per week.

He always use to get himself into fights and get angry at anything, never he answered a single question in class, one day he got so angry that he had knife and his locker wouldn’t shut he tried stabbing a kid in school, lucky for the boy that his belt blocked it from and his metal part of the belt snapped and the boy panicked and ran to the teacher. His temper was so bad it continued, until one day his mother sent him to the Detroit library and he read a Geology book which one day made him answer a question in class, the teacher asked “What stone is this called?” nobody raised there hand, then Ben Carson raised his hand and everybody looked back at him............

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