Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Holiday

During the holidays I played on my X-Box 360 I played Call of Duty - Black ops Zombies, on Call of the Dead , during that time it was really BORING I wish we went Rainbows end but sadly we didn't . DREAMS SHATTERED  While I was playing call of the dead me & my brother where on round 17 & I had the thunder-gun & then when they where in like a group I pushed Right Trigger & BOOM` before you knew it they where long gone, me & my brother Neal where trying to get Pack-A-Punch to upgrade our guns, Just before we found it the zombie started running then I quickly upgraded my Ray gun to a Porters X2 ray gun & shot the Zombie to get continue to the next round........
   Later that day I decided to go to the Internet Cafe & play MW2 we played on the map called Rust. I used the Intervention with the thermal scope because its good when you quickscope. I like quick-scoping because we shout over the room saying Snipers Only so so funny, sometimes we use throwing knives its like a knife you use to throw instead of using a regular knife, & that was my EXTREMELY BORING HOLIDAY. I slept , I ate & went to the toilet HOW FUN! -_____


  1. Hey shayne

    Great story I loved your detail and your picture. It was a great peace keep up the good work. cant wait for your next post.

    Kind Regards Jabez

  2. Hi shayne

    Great story I like the interesting detail and the picture.
    Can't wait for the next story Keep up the good work.


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