Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Solution & Problem

Floors and the planet. There is a second layer of clouds made out of a mix of ammonia and One of Jupiter’s problems is that it is mostly made up of a gas called hydrogen. Its atmosphere has three layers of clouds in it. The first layer of clouds is made of ammonia. Ammonia is a stinky thing used to clean windows, a gas called sulphur. Its would be really hard to breathe because there’s no oxygen. Solution: I could take a water pump that will connect to my helmet when I need water. Breathing is one of the main problems of going to Mars but how? I know a solution I could take a balloon that has been already blew with oxygen or a thing that's like a pump which I can breath through. If its cold I can go into the rocket and get another layer of suits..

Monday, November 21, 2011


“ARRHHHHH” avoiding the poop stepped into it and it didn’t know, Logan told me and my reaction was so YUCKKYY!!.

One Tree Hill!! I said to Esrah “there’s no way I am walking up there again, but I did. Half way me and Evan touched the fence and pretended that it was an electric. It was funny. Seeing everything from the top was solid. People were saying “Thats my house it was really funny”. I was planking.

We went down to the crater I slipped it was embarrassing because it was a lot of times. Wyatt gave me a marshmallows and I was saying it was a Twinkie and Isara said “I’m telling on you that your eating lollies” but no I wasn’t.

When we arrived at the crater we all slid down on our bottoms and mine was all green because of the grass and dirt. I hated when we had to run back up when we wanted to roll back down or slide. The Stardome was the main part as our trip. We entered Stardome there were heaps of artifacts shown around the place, our tutor was a lady called Petra we entered a theater with a Stardome roof like a round stomach we were watching a cardboard box rocket ship. They went around all the planets Jupiter had a storm a big one and they had to quickly get out of their. We headed back to school, really exhausted.

Friday, November 4, 2011

My Favorite Brand

colorful rainbow flashing nike Pictures, Images and Photosnike Pictures, Images and Photosrandom flashing nike shoes Pictures, Images and Photos

I like this brand because is so amazing and its really famous.

My Favorite Brand

colorful rainbow flashing nike Pictures, Images and Photos

I like this brand because is so amazing and its really famous.

My Favorite Brand

colorful rainbow flashing nike Pictures, Images and Photos

I like this brand because is so amazing and its really famous.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

RWC POEM Esrah/Shayne

Running Fast
Unexpectedly he ran fast
Great Victory by the All Blacks
Yummy orange

With confidence
Over the goal post
Rugby is awesome
Losing to Australia was devastating
Diving for a magnificent

Coming to the cup I cheered for NZ
Unexpectedly South Africa bate Manu Samoa
Piri Weepu is beter at first-five than Colin Slade

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ben Barber is A Superstar.

This Magnificent try just made me not believe that anybody else can do what he just did. Its amazing that he was able to not make the ball land on his foot.

Shaun Johnson and Kevin Locke Highlights. (Enjoy)

This is one of the key players for the New Zealand Warriors. Kevin Locke and Shaun Johnson. ( Best ever Tries of their career).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saving A Humpback Whale

As they were at sea they noticed a whale lying motionless partly on the surface. Approaching it they couldn’t see any signs of life. It was so still. But luckily it blew some water out of its blowhole. Micheal and his family were thankful it was still alive, even though it was still close to death.

Michael dived into the water with his snorkel. He discovered the whale’s body was severely entangled in a gill net. It was so emotional for the family because they could see how the whale was struggling for its life.

With one small knife Micheal found it hard for him to cut off the net. It took 1 hour for Micheal to  work to cut the net. Witch was hard for Micheal to cut it.So the whale could be set free.

Amazingly they finally managed to free the whale. As it swam away it showed a magnificent display of breaching and slapping its tale on the water. It was a great view for Michael's family to see that she was having fun. It showed that she was happy to be free.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Favourite Nrl Players of My friends

My friend Calvin his favorite is Josh Dugan from the Raiders.My friend Aidan's favorite player is Micheal Jennings. Me Shayne has to be Greg Inglis

Monday, September 12, 2011


During the last couple of Thursdays my class has been going to play Badminton, we have been having a lot of fun during our sessions. There were two ladies their names were Lorene and Donna, but Donna was there for only 1 day. Since we’ve been going there we have played many games.

One of the games we played was a game that we all had to line up and each time Lorene served it to us we had to do an over the head hit. As we were focusing on the shuttle we kept on getting it, more than that if we had missed we would have to relinquish (Lose) our racket we were holding. The shuttle had a weighted rubber bottom and when it came down it came down on its weighted side. I was really to excited, even missed it a couple of times. Lucky for me students from my class had to pass it on from the back if we had lost it.

The teamwork was so hard because I was under pressure and I was thinking 'is this a major game we're playing or is it just for fun?'. “Ohhh” were up to our last racket, everybody was jumping and screaming at people saying “come on hit the shuttle”, then it was up to me and thankfully I hit it and quickly passed it on.

After we moved on to our next tutorial. One of my class called Rauf and Lorene showed the class how to hit the shuttle around your leg and back. Rauf made it look easy, even when he closed his eyes to. We had to hit the shuttle twice and hit the shuttle again but the tricky thing was we had to hit it under our legs and I couldn't even get it under my legs.

I wish this could happen every day so I can practice and practice, so I can be perfect at this enjoyable sport.

Cross Country

Waiting with excitement for our cross country race, I was jumping up and down like a crazy monkey in the jungle. It was the 10 year old boys turn to run. Mr Burt said “On your marks, get set go”. I sprinted as fast as I could and I was coming first but sadly Lorenzo and Wyatt dashed past me like Sin Cara from The WWE. I could hardly see them, they were fast.

Eventually I ran on to the bridge where Ms Squires was right in front of me taking pictures of us. I tried saying “Hi Ms” but I was to fatigued to say anything. A quarter of the way I really thought that I was going to collapse. The track was so rocky.

While Anthony was jogging past me he caught up to Lorenzo and Wyatt. As soon as I rounded a corner this man said “Guess what your half way”. I felt like I was blessed.

Suddenly one of the shells nearly tore my shoe at the bottom. Luckily I've got shoes on." I thought to myself. Finally we turned around for the last stretch at the reserve near Tamaki College’s Technology hall.It was so rocky it felt like I was running on a desert.

Coming up through the bush onto our school field Hossana, Marvin and I had a foot race. We were all running as fast as we could but I only came second so I was so disappointed. I said “Flip I wish I came first” Marvin interrupted “It’s not about winning you know, it’s just about having fun and you should be proud that you completed the race”. I could now finally say “Hi Ms”.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RWC This Year

This year I'm looking forward to the RWC, my favorite team is the Wallabies because they have a good line up, but if NZ had a good line up I would be going for them. If they just put in Sitiveni Si tivatu and Hosea Gear they would have the best line up in the NZRU.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

“Ireland” I heard Mr J cheer as I was entering the hall for our Immersion Assembly. I was saying in my head, “I’m a supporter of Ireland too”. As soon as I heard the Rugby World Cup theme song play I mysteriously said to my friend “I think I've got a hint of what we're learning about this term." He whispered back, “Me too.” I couldn't wait to see the teachers perform their immersion items.

Soon appeared Team 3. It was so funny, I giggled the whole way through non stop. They were dressed as rugby players from different countries. As Mrs Barks was explaining what the All Blacks eat for breakfast the teachers were picking a student as their partner. As they finished they went back onto the stage and some kind of scary music played. There was a countdown 3 2 1. Suddenly the students were feeding the teachers. It was really hilarious as the country's, New Zealand, Canada and France competed in a Weet-Bix eating competition. As New Zealand was still trying to get the spoon into their mouth Canada and England were eating as fast as they could to finish the Weet Bix.

One of my other favorite performances was our team. There was a man called George Nepia and he was a referee for a rugby game and when the opposition kicked the ball to the home team George Nepia caught the ball and scored a try I didn’t even know that the try referee try count.

I really feel happy about this terms topic I think its one of the best topics I've ever had.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trip to The Motat

On Wednesday July the 7th room 14 and 13 went to Motat. It was the trip for our topic bigger, better ,faster and stronger. To learn about our school wide top technology project.

There was a lady called Stacey who was telling us the directions around the Motat, the she gave the teachers and the helpers a map to show them were we were going each time.

Suddenly Stacey said “Room 14 first you’re going to the Tactile Dome”!We walked over and sat down .the man told us the rules. The man chose me to go first, Then we entered the Tactile Dome

so when we entered the Tactile Dome. Like a cold shivering ice.After a few seconds I couldn't see nothing it was dark you could not even see a black piece of blank paper.It was like a pitch black grave in there.

Not telling anyone I was scared I tried to reach up to look for Esrah and Anthony but instead I felt pitch black roof. Crawling a little back up I said so frightened “Esrah......Anthony...... were a you” so they said from like a far distance away “ Were over here”. So they stopped.

As we followed the sunlight above we banged into each other.Then when saw the exit sunlight we were breathing not pitch black dark we were breathing air now. Then we went to free time.

In our free tin we went to the mirror maze, I got to tell you it almost got me sweating really hard just trying to look for the way out. A few times I banged into people from other schools but finally got out safe and sound.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The First Invented Skateboard

Skateboarding was first started in 1950 in California because surfers had the idea of surfing on the streets. No one knows who created the first skateboard but several people had the same idea at the same time.

These first skateboards were made out of wooden boxes with roller skate wheels slapped under the board. Many people got badly injured and hurt riding those.

After a bit the boxes got changed into plank. More recently companies produced skateboards with decks made out of layers of wood. These days if you hear some people ask “Who was the first person to create skateboards?”, then you could say that it was surfers who came up with surfing on the streets.
What do you think skateboarding in the future will be like?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nba Champion

My Best game is NBA2k11, because ever since I got a basket ball hoop I started slam dunking the ball and acting like Lebron James and my favorite team is the Miami Heat. When Lebron James moved from the Cleavland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat I was so shocked because I wanted for him to stay in the Cleavland Cavaliers.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Favorite Actor.

Adam Sandler is one of my best comedians on the planet he is an American actor, comedian, Singer, musician, and film producer. The first movie I saw was Funny People and was first seen by New Zealand in 2009 it was one of the movies seen world wide on big screen. Before Adam Sandler was my favorite actor is was Jim Carey who starred in Bruce Almighty who was directed by him and Jeniffer Anderson.

NRL Queensland My favorite player

My favorite team is Queensland and my best Queensland star is Jonathan Thurston and Greg Inglis they've been my favorite players ever since 2009 and now I have heaps of poster of them. The player who inspires is Greg Inglis he has been my favorite player before Jonathan Thurston because he been my favorite player since 2007.My first match I watched was not State of Origin I watched the Kiwis vs The Kangaroos and that's how my favorite player became Greg Inglis and Jonathan Thurston.

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Best Friends

One of my best friends are Esrah, Fauea and Aidan Esrah's been since me and Esrah were in Rm11.And Me and Aidan we have been friends since this year. And me and Fauea have been friends when he was in rm11 last year.

Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Swim

It is essential to learn how to swim, especially in New Zealand, because we are surrounded by multiple number of dangerous rivers and beaches. The key tip is to have cupped hands and if you get stuck just submerge into the water then roll to the breathing position, the breathing position is your ear onto your mussel on your arm, and make sure that you are kicking, If you get a giant scoop of water in your hand.

So please NZ learn how to swim and keep children away from dangerous rivers.

Immersion Assembly

As Mr Burt casually walked into the hall, he had a Darth Vader mask and costume on. I said to my friend “Wow I wonder what our topic is this term”.Then as Mr Burt said “Bigger Better Stronger Faster,” I thought to myself. "What is “Bigger Better Stronger Faster?”
“Give it up for Team 3” Mr Burt announced. While they were entering the stage, mad scientists had an enormous beaker and they were tossing in a multitude of ingredients. Then out exploded Miss Walters as foaming soap. When they were about exit they did a little rap, rapped by Miss Lavakula. As they exited the stage they exited funny.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swimming At Gi Pools

“We’re leaving in 5min” Ms Squires said powerfully. “I wonder where we are going,” I said to my friend, then I saw something in front of me and said “Yes we were at the swimming pools.” Quite happily I changed, dashing like Flash. Actively walking I carefully made my way to showers and entered the cold shower I felt a blast of freezing water slithering down my spine.

As I dived into the pool I sent water spraying onto the people sitting on the bench. I gasped for a breath and the people sounded like two little tiny cats,well not really. As I glided away I said “HAHA” and swam away from the people.

So as I sat back on the wall I put my feet into the water and it felt like a foot spa. After my foot to spa I got into the pool again and it was deliciously warm. Submerging into the water I pushed of the wall and glided up to the surface and started to coordinate the different movements.

Then Studarmyer said “Get out for pool otherwise I will tell Ms Squires that you’ve been front flipping.” Entering the pool again, a shock of cold slithered up my spine and I said “OMG”. Hopping out of the pool I saw room 15 and room 17 approaching the changing pools, then I walked over to the changing rooms and departed out smelling like Cool Charm. Then we walked back to school , and some of us were tired.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shayne Anzac Holiday

During the school holidays I spent the first Saturday at Westfield Downtown. To get there I had to train to town with my 22 year old brother Bruce.We rushed out of the houses, forgetting about my sister , to get to the Panmure train station. On the way to the train station my brother stopped at the Westpac ATM . I was surprised that he pulled out $100.“Hurry Up we’re going to be late” I said furiously. As we were running with my heart pumping hard. I was trying to think positively that we were going to make it. Finally we got there. “Yes Bruce.” I said relieved. We made it in time to catch the train to Britomart.
After a long train ride, my brother and I energetically rushed out of the train, into the bus to Westfield. My brother said, “WHEW we’re the luckiest people on the globe.”
With the bus stopping opposite Westfield, we crossed the road and entered the Mall. Unexpectedly my brother gave me $50. We made a plan. Our plan was we get 1hour to look for something to get and then we meet up at Tank to get a drink and a feed from the Foodcourt.
So I went to Hallensteins to get me a shirt and Skinny Jeans for my cousin for his birthday. “Yes they’re on special” I said. They were $10 each so already that was $20 wasted.
Nervously I jogged to Hannah's, thinking I was running out of time, to buy some pulp shoes to go out to nice places. I bought some dark brown ones then I ran back to Tank. I had $5.50 left so I bought a drink . My brother turned up 10 minutes later. Exhausted from all that shopping I had a last sip just as my 16 year old sister turned up coming from the train. “What did I miss” she said. We all giggled. We had something to eat together and that was the end to a happy day.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


The Playing surface is 100m long and has a try line on each side and a goal post on. On your directional sides have a side line witch if one player steps out of bounds there's a line out. The teams have two category's known as backs and forwards the forwards are the strong men who pack in to scrums preform line-outs and who form ruck's to keep position of ball, The backs a the sleek faster running players and are the men who preform set plays and the scoring attempts. So after a team scores points theres a kick off after each time.When theres a knock on theres a scrum or a penalty they could either pick a Punt, Kick at goal,Run, or a scrum. The team that revives the penalty will normally go for a kick at goal if there close to the goal post, but if there not they would go for a punt to gain more yards.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Rugby Pitch

The rugby playing pitch is 100m long and has one goalpost on each side theres one try line in each side. All the players are separated in to two category known as forwards the forwards are the people that pack in to scrums and form line-outs and the backs are the ones who usually do the ball handling play making and scoring attempts . After a try or if a team scores points theres a kick off after the team scored points. The main parts in the game is to gain more yards so the opposition doesn't get near the try line hats why the punt it down field and if they get a penalty

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rugby Scrum

A scrum is formed when a team has been awarded a penalty for an illegal straight kick out of bounds from a kick off or a penalty for offside. If one team has a choice to pick they would usually go for the punt to gain more yards or sometimes they would go for a scrum.If the opposition wins the ball in a scrum the opposition might get a free kick. If the opposition collapses the scrum the team that got awarded the penalty would have to form another scrum.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hydroslide at Swimarama

As I was walking up the steep steps I heard an anticipation of echoing voices as people were making there way down the hydro slide.With full excitement it was my turn on the hydro slide Mr.Somerville gave me a hard push down the hydro slide then when the green light shined then I turned around as quickly as I could so could go head first then I hit my head on the side of the slide.Then I saw the light and I said “Thank lord for such a hydro slide” then a big giant puddle of water came on me and laughed.Then I went back up for another turn.


As I entered the rink I started to wibble and wobble. Moving precariously I clutched on to my friend so I didn't fall over. Then skillfully then I tried skillfully swerving around my friend so we didn't collide together. With a sudden stop in front of him I .So when I wibbled and wobbled again I confidently said “come on Shayne you can do it”.After that got a fright then ,I fell down and I started to laugh.Then I helped my self up and sang “believe it or not I'm walking on air I never thought I could be so free” then I fell down again.


Coming to school with excitement,I thought to myself why am I running to the hall hoping that we would go straight away. But no we didn’t because Mr. Burt was giving us some information about the rules. After that we went off to the pt England reserve (it’s a beach.)

When we got there, Mr. Burt told us the aloud to play in. I went to look for people down in the beach. My friends Marvin ,Piriniah and Anthony were having morning tea. Then we went back to then I went to baseball but we started making playing t-ball. When we saw the kids swimming we went to eat our lunch because I didn’t bring our togs.

The whole time I was talking finally it was day to remember so we went back to our class room to get our bags. And then we went home.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Unbeliveable Poem


True Poem


Friday, February 18, 2011

Funny Poem


Friendly Poem

Jabez likes Jelly
Always runs away from me
Brings a different bag each day
ET is his lease favourite movie
Zig zags across the field in touch rugby

Poem About Me


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Guess what? I really thought that I was going to dislocate my spine while I was on the hydro slide at the pools, but luckily I didn't.....

It was New Years Day and I was at the pools in Waiwera.While I was on my way down the slide I flew up then when I landed it was painful - it was like my back was numb the whole way down. So when I got out I couldn't stretch.

After a rest my back was better so I tried going on the Hydro slide again and my brother said "OMG mum he's trying it again. This time I went stomach first and when I got to the bit that hurt my back, I flew up again and when I landed it was like landing belly first into a diving pool from a diving board. "SPLAT!"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2010 with Miss Walters

In 2010 I was in Room 13 with Miss Walters.  You can see all the work I published in Room 13 if you click here.