Monday, October 29, 2012

The Day my Toy Came Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favourite toy came to life, the Nerf Double blaster Shotgun. It is my favourite toy ! It became a real double barrelled shotgun I loved it. It was real fun walking around with it , & People came up to me and say why are you holding a fake gun ? I reply “Because I want to!” I just feel real angry when it looks fake BUT ITS BLOMMEN REAL! I wish I could be just calm & act like it is a fake gun , but its not. I would try & dismantle it but it wouldn't work because its too heavy as well , I don’t even know if I could carry it again . Probably will break it. I could wish as hard as I can to turn it back to normal but still would’t work, that gun doesn't even shoot out real bullets.

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