Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My horrible Sneeze. ARH

My cousin filmed it not long ago & now its got more views than One Direction.Its on youtube named The planets biggest SNEEZE! I tried to keep it in, but my mouth could not help but open wide & blow a straight hole through the roof and brake the satellite dish. Well at least my nose is still placed below my eyes, I don’t want want any other appliances braking. My dog was barking so hard my neighbours complained and said to me “Hey there SUPERSTAR, I knew he was being sarcastic & I said “hey there” then he started to scream in my face until it felt like I was going to sneeze, aah aah ahh aah CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He went flying through the fence & when I reached him to see if he was conscious as soon as we reached him he was dead. );
I quickly called the hospital they answered “111 emergency how can I help you” I said get an ambulance here right now, the woman said “what's the problem ? “ she asked. I said in panic “ I sneezed so hard that my neighbour went flying through the fence. She said “how did the problem develop ? “ OMG just get an Ambulance over here now”. 20 min later the Ambulance had arrived and had started CPR on him and the man said “ I'm sorry but he has passed” . His wife ran outside and started screaming at me I tried to keep in that awful weapon of mine, ah ah ah........ TO BE CONTINUED.

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  1. Hey Shayne

    Great story I loved your detail and your funny picture. It was a great peace keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards Jabez


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