Friday, February 3, 2012

About Me

Hello Viewers my name is Shayne, my favorite activity is Rugby League, I am not playing for a club at the moment. I have 7 siblings 5 brothers 2 sisters, I am the youngest. My nationality is Cook Island & Solomon Islands. My hair Color is Brunette I hate my hair color. singers are Chris Brown and Rihanna. I look like a bear. Talking about bears, Brown bears are my favorite.

Xbox Games are Uncharted 3 and Black Ops best games ever, Counter Strike I love that game I play it everyday! X-Factor and American Idol are my most watched T.V shows. My Friends they are cool I don't have that much. Number one Movie Scream 5 funny and freaky!

Worst subject I would have Writing and my favorite umm............... Maths. If I had the chance I would become an I.T specialist. Hobby's Rugby League because big hits best tries ever favorite players like Greg Inglis and Cooper Cronk, sadly Inglis Injured his ankle scoring a try for the Indigenous All Stars!

Books I don't really like but my favorite book is Willy the Wizard! I always look up to my brother Oneal because he supports me in my darkest

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