Tuesday, November 13, 2012


One snowy morning a little girl was skipping through the alleyway, she stopped and looked to her left there was a big black board with names written on it.. So she picked up the chalk and wrote her name on the board , Then the camera faced the little girl then all you see was a doll that looked like her & it was on the window sill staring at the back of her. Then she slowly turned around & crept up to it. She pushed the door and entered the house that was filled with dolls, the doll that looked like her had moved it was lying down like a ballerina.
 Her doll just laid there. So the little girl had crept in the house and saw this little toy that looked like the Saw riding on this look a like tricycle or whatever riding around, then the little girl just watched the Doll ride into the door over and over again. The the little girl stood up and took a stool over to the cabinet where the doll that looked like her moved again to the top of the cabinet . Trying to balance on the stool she finally was still she tippy toed to try and reach the head of the toy.. then boom before you knew it she was the doll, she could not move only look around....