Friday, October 24, 2014

Empathy Explanation

Just imagine the world without people being empathetic, this world will be very miserable. There will be no kindness around the world and around our community. Around everywhere there will would be no happiness & no laughter around the community and also around the globe. Just put yourself in there shoes and try go a day without empathy

How can people show empathy? Its simple all you have to do is show that you care along with others to see how much it helps. Also show respect if they're having a down moment and understand the situation there in at the moment, maybe if they're not as fortunate as we are maybe give them a sandwich to show that you care about them. Just try put yourself in them shoes and try go a day without empathy and see how it affects you.

Why is it important to show empathy? I reckon behind your screen right now you're asking the same question, same as me. Well without it guess how much violence would break down every hour? Like for example a robbery is a shopkeepers nightmare, robber gets away, unknown for whom the person may have been. Would you want to live in a community like that? Maybe if they used empathy there will be less crimes.

In conclusion. Empathy and the actions involved using empathy is very valuable. Sometimes it helps me at the lowest times in my life.