Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country Fun Run.

Yesterday our school had our Cross Country event, the crowd was very encouraging. All the senior school had moved to the shade underneath the trees. "Year 7 girls" said Mr Jacobsen, in my head I was thinking of not running because I had the butterflies & I was scared that might become the last person running. I started stretching when I was scared as. Then I heard "Year 7 boys" I started Jumping & lining up.
    On the starting line I was getting ready at I was putting my feet together because I was really really cold. Mr Burt explained what to do and when to start running, a few minutes later when the first girl came through the posts on the bottom field Mr Burt said "On your Marks, Get set" when he said get set. I was just eager to start sprint but that would be embarrassing. Then "Hooter sounded" then everybody started sprinting but me I was jogging then I started sprinting. Then I was tiered.
      2nd lap was on.. It was my  turn too slide while Miss Walters was cheering me on to slide I accelerated boom jumped up high & slid. I ended up dirty I smelt like horse poo. Then I quickly got up & started running again my legs I think my legs got dirty in under 3min. I was encouraged the whole way through the run & I loved it.