Thursday, October 18, 2012

MW2 QuickScoping

Hi my name is Shayne, & welcome to my Interesting world, My favourite subject that I like to talk about most of the time is playing Modern Warfare 2 & using a Intervention using the thermal scope. When I play it says Perk 1, 2 , & 3, If you want to play this game it is still available in stores like EB games, Warehouse, JB HI FI, Dick Smith & some other stores that sell video games. The Objective to the game is to kill as many players as you can so you can win , there is a person who is hosting the game changes the way the match is , there are game modes as in Team Death-match  Free for all , & Capture the flag . Free for all is a game mode which means it is Every man for himself , & Team Death-Match is a game mode where you can play with friends against CPU enemies. As for my self I like using the Sniper called the Intervention which is a sniper with bolt action & its good for Quickscoping, Quickscoping is a type of way you but the way you scope it doesn't stay for long its just a quick tap of the zoom button and a quick tap of the shoot button. I prefer if you are into shooting games you buy Modern Warfare 2 or the newest one 3 .  

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  1. Hey Shayne!
    I did not know that you play MW2 not MW3.I thought about the colour of the gun and it does not look like a gun it looks like a rainbow.I play Battle Field 2 and I think it is way better in terms of weapons, enemy's and graphics. One thing I think you should do is not write CPU instead write computer.

    From Esrah Keep up the good work


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