Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yohan Blake

Yohan Blake takes the nickname of ‘’The Beast’’ you may have seen him compete in the 100m & 200m sprint, he is 22 years of age, born in St James in 1989 . He has held the 2nd place position in the Olympics for 2 years straight. Dropping back just behind Usain Bolt. When he trains he trains with Usain Bolt but just amazingly before the Olympics had started he had beaten Usain Bolt in there 100m sprint, he is coached by Glen Mills & has set a personal record of 9.69 which is extremely fast.
In the 200m his personal record won him a silver with a time of 19.26 which made him really happy, this year in the 2012 London Games he had never beaten his record if he had he would have been in the first place position & made him the next fastest man in the planet. I have never seen anything like Yohan Blake he might not be the fastest man on the planet, but he is happy with anything even if he wasn’t placed he would have been still celebrating. The top of the podium has got to be his dream come true, if ever I was an Athlete I would never ever give up because I have learnt of a really determine man, & he should a Legend of a making because I have learnt alot from what I so call an extraordinary athlete.
If there was a man on the earth that was really determine like Yohan he would be my hero.

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    Great story I like your detail and yourawsome picture. It was a great peace keep up the good work.

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