Friday, March 23, 2012


“AHOYY MI Jellywaggerz” my name is Captain Usma, we are going to war with the ugly person himself Captain Arly, he has the most ugliest ship of all time history everything in that ship has to be steel iron everything that is the same to steel. His mast his steel, his leg is steel. “But me I'm made out of plastic” arrrhh, only one person can destroy my ship Captain Eagle Head, She is Captain Jack Swaggers assistant but not only that they come from Oklahoma were Captain America comes from but Arly himself cannot beat me ahhrrrrrrrr............

Later on that night we heard our ship under attack, “Collapse this ship” somebody was quietly saying. I heard alot of footsteps on board, the footsteps had came closer and closer. My parrot was so dumb because he was making a weird sound and Arly was kicking the doors like it was a toy, Striking every door we could hear him. “Attack” bang the door fell down. IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE READING CLICK ON THIS LINK.

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