Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trip to The Motat

On Wednesday July the 7th room 14 and 13 went to Motat. It was the trip for our topic bigger, better ,faster and stronger. To learn about our school wide top technology project.

There was a lady called Stacey who was telling us the directions around the Motat, the she gave the teachers and the helpers a map to show them were we were going each time.

Suddenly Stacey said “Room 14 first you’re going to the Tactile Dome”!We walked over and sat down .the man told us the rules. The man chose me to go first, Then we entered the Tactile Dome

so when we entered the Tactile Dome. Like a cold shivering ice.After a few seconds I couldn't see nothing it was dark you could not even see a black piece of blank paper.It was like a pitch black grave in there.

Not telling anyone I was scared I tried to reach up to look for Esrah and Anthony but instead I felt pitch black roof. Crawling a little back up I said so frightened “Esrah......Anthony...... were a you” so they said from like a far distance away “ Were over here”. So they stopped.

As we followed the sunlight above we banged into each other.Then when saw the exit sunlight we were breathing not pitch black dark we were breathing air now. Then we went to free time.

In our free tin we went to the mirror maze, I got to tell you it almost got me sweating really hard just trying to look for the way out. A few times I banged into people from other schools but finally got out safe and sound.