Sunday, January 11, 2015

So Far

I recently just arrived back from my home of the Cook Islands, it was a blast.Met a lot of people and relaxed. Rocky flight on the way but real good way to kick off the holidays.

Unfortunately my reason of departure was for my Grandfathers unveiling of his headstone in one of the outer islands , but nevermind. Well on the first day, my family & I went around Rarotonga countless times, visiting people, and shopping. 28 degrees was the low, and I was sweating as soon as I got out of the truck. On that same day I went with my niece who lives there, to the valley to feed the neighbours & her pig. I couldn't really manage to cut the coconut, so I handed it over. As time flew by it was time for bed.......

The next morning, I heard the rooster saying "Cockle, doodle, Doo" I quickly launched myslef off the bed to see that it was 11:00. I wondered around the house to see were my family had been, then I rushed to the kitchen table and saw a note which stated "be home at six, motorbikes outside". Had a shower, and got myself ready, I thought "I should go auntys house" so I locked the house and left on the bike. Even if I wasn't old enough to ride the bike nobody was stopping me once again the flew by within a click.....

Throughout the last week of my duration in the Cook Islands, I Travelled to one of the outer islands called Mangaia in a small Air Rarotanga plane about 1/4 of the size of an Air Nz plane. My papas unveiling was turned out to be very great. I think I met most of my cousins and a few of my Aunties & Uncles. I also purchased a few merchandise from one of there main shops.

Overall the 3rd experience of my lifetime was great, I recommend to all teachers that you guys should visit the beautiful island.

I miss you Pt England

Everything has hit me, I know im going to miss this school, throughout these 8 years have being alot of up and downs but I promise I will never stop blogging. Listening to songs that reminded me of this school shows how much all you teachers given up your time to teach us. I hope in this year of 2015 all the kids will realize how much you have sacrificed to be with them.

My adventure in high school began on the 1st of January, im not going to forget all the awesome things you have taught me. I could say proudly it has been a pleasure growing up in Pt.England School.You never thought I'd write this ay? But yeah like I said my journey starts this year,mathematics is the subject I need to rise up on. Last year was great having Ms.Squires again, once again she pulled the real potential out of me. I cried quite a lot on the last day.

Mrs & Mr Burt I really hope you read this, you have really guided me to bring a young but delicate man, & also all the teachers that have taught me in the recent years, but especially I would like to thank Mr. Kent Somerville, bro thanks a lot I know I was a bit rough when I was younger but you helped me launch into a young man, no words can describe how much I'll miss you. Also how could I forget Ms.Tito you too have trained me to become what I am today, it's always been a privilege to be a kaia in kapas, I really hope you succeed Ms, with your iron maori as well.

"Treasure all the memories" my grandfather said, I definitely have. Like people say "All good things have to come to an end". So on behalf of me, myself, and my family I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you , & may the lord be with you guys forever.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Future Aspirations

As Team 5 walked into the Street they had a good line up of speakers getting ready to speak. Mr.Andrew Patterson had never missed a Future Aspirations before, in term 2 he had a good line up of speakers and they were exceptional.

The first speaker was Anthony Samuels, who everybody in the intermediate block knew. He had a very good topic to talk to us about. He started to talk about his early life and how he started to entertain, and the rest of his life. In the early 90’s he started a job as a entertainer \ n what now and became the longest running producer in the What Now! Company. He was kind of a clown while we were looking at his photos back then, and he told us one quote which stated “Your past does not have to determine your future”

Up next as the 2nd speaker was my dear friend Paula Fakalata, he told us about his life & when he almost died. It all started when he was at school, he went to Glen Innes School. When he was little he thought he was the man at swimming but really.... When he would race he’d get tired and because he was very tall at a young age he’d act like hes swimming but hes walking.

Then one day he went to a tournament and almost drown, because the pool was too deep for him

Then it was the last one Her name was Amelia Unufe. She talked about how she became a fashion designer. She was in university and kids her class knew her they said to her ‘’ You're not gonna get a good future” because of her brother seted a bad reputation for her family

Overall Paula, Amelia & Anthony were very good i enjoyed it alot

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Richie McCaw

Richie McCaw was born on the 31st of December 1980 & is a international rugby player who captains the All Blacks. He has past the 100th test mark for the all blacks. He plays loose forward which is the no.7. For 7 years straight he has led the all blacks to victory over the 2011 Rugby world cup & first led the all blacks to the rugby world cup in 2007.

In the recent news Richie McCaw has arrived on the 100th as a captain. Along side his team mate Brodie Retalick received overall player of the year. Richie McCaw is a really good player. The recent game he received the love from his team for being a 100th test capped captain.


Jo May

Friday, November 7, 2014


Have you been caught in a rip? If you panicked i'm surprised you're still alive because this is one of the most common factors in why people drown alot.New Zealand has one of the highest drowning rates in the OECD at the moment. First of all most people can be very dumb. if you had went to school and learnt about beaches.  

To bypass a rip you have to make sure you are swimming between the yellow and red flags because it is the safest area to swim in. You would know to not overreact in a rip current, step one: never panic because i can cause alot of misunderstanding between your body and your brain, step two: when wanting help raise one hand and maybe call out if thats the only way to get attention from lifesavers or other people.

If you discover discoloured water ( never go towards it if you're scared of going out to the deep blue ocean, when discovered the discoloured water you will see that the waves are not crashing in the area where the rip is formed. The ocean will be rushing out towards the ocean.

I hope this has helped you in and out of the sea, commment to tell me if you have saved anybodys life.

Perspective drawing

This is my perspective drawing.