Friday, April 12, 2013

Fiafia 2013

For the past 4 weeks or so, my school has been rehearsing for our 60th anniversary of our school. I am in the Niuean group tutored by Miss Lagitupu & Mrs Lavakula. Our practices are after lunch time on Thursdays & Friday's for it's about 40-45 minuets of learning 3 of our Items.
   On the very first day we just sat in Room 21 I didn't know the song that we are singing especially the verse in the song its really really fast. I starting to get the hang of the song its really getting easy now, even the verse that use to be very hard but now, I really enjoy the fact that Fiafia nights in 7 more days until the Special night!!!!
    Just yesterday we were making our Rafia (skirts) & had a bit of a small rehearsal.

Friday, April 5, 2013

2013 Highlights so far.

My highlight of this year was finding out that everyday after Morning Tea except for Mondays because we have Maori with Ms Tito(Our class tutor).  One of my favourite games has to be Capture the Flag because I've only Captured it once, & that time nobody saw me & it was actually Capture the Bat. The last time we played that game was about 3 weeks ago & I haven't been enjoying P.E so far , but I'm so lucky to even have P.E after Morning Tea.
  Ms Tito is got to be my Favourite teacher because she really acknowledge's her culture alot especially her Pounamu(Greenstone). And because she's really cool, like one time when we played a game called Throw the Chicken I threw it all the way into the tree close to our gate & it got stuck but Mary climbed up the tree & quickly reached & grasped the chicken & we still lost.
    Another Highlight for this year was getting to compete in the Auckland Champs for the Year 7 boys Softball team, we came 6th in Auckland out of 8 teams in the competition. I was play at Base 1 & out of the whole competition I had gotten 4 outs. Mr Somerville was another teacher I liked & he was our Coach.