Thursday, September 13, 2012


Basketball is an Olympic event and also a International sport, which includes 2 teams. This includes really good team work, the objective to the game is to shoot the ball into the oppositions hoop which is 18m wide or a close up 2 pointer called a Slam Dunk close range shot , each team has one side of the court and there is a Three point marked around a 2 semicircles . The first basketball match hosted in the Olympics was held in the London games in 1936, and the USA have had seven straight wins which made them more than a 7 time gold medalist .
   If you would love to play this enjoyable sport anywhere where there is a hoop and a backboard to go with it. You will have to have branded shoes, a sweatband (optional), A partner a court, A foul marker, knee pads, you definitely need a basketball. You will have to learn or if you already know how to dribble the ball & know how to shoot 3 pointers and you have to be tall to dunk the ball or if you're short you will have to know how to jump real real high..

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  1. Hello Shayne
    love your post about Basketball it is amazing basketball is one of my favorite sports.




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