Monday, April 21, 2014

Holiday's so far

It feels & I feel like a king to be sleeping in knowing that its the school holidays, I've had so much fun over the 4 days that we have been off. It kicked off with seeing my friend Waata after 3 weeks with him at his hostel in town. Without him in the neighbourhood left me to do nothing in the past weekends only the times he was allowed out was probably the only time I had to spend quality time with him. 
     Just the other night on Saturday We went to the Night markets Waata, Kendrix & I, for me I reckon that was our best memory, like eating heaps & getting to meet there parents. We've been all over the place, & today I'm going to Rotarua for My Family Reunion, I hope I have so much fun there because I've only been there 3 times, I don't like the smell but overall the place is beautiful.
    Waiting for school is like waiting for a really unprepared restaurant bringing your food, because I really want to go back & see all my friends & just to be up at 8 until 3 :( This morning I woke up packed my bags thinking I was going to school but then my mum said "there's no school" then I frowned. Anyways next post coming up next week. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bio Poem

My name is Shayne

I can be annoying, I am a sporty kind of person, friendly, and nervous.

I am a child of Anu.

I like to play Rugby, League, & especially I like to hang out with the boyz.

I feel shy when I go to friends houses if I have never been there before, except for Tavetes house.

I have been to the Cook Islands on a plane.

Someday I want to go to Asap Rockys concert.

I fear the wooden spoon.

Someday I hope that I meet Wiz Khalifa.

I am a resident of Auckland, New Zealand.

At times my mum calls me Shayneeeeye

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Show Not tell Writing (Narrative)

Waking up from an afternoons sleep, I look outside and. see the cats bright green eyes & hearing dogs bark from my neighbor's front lawn. The shadow of the trees scaring me .I was freezing so I go into the cupboard & get me 3 extra blankets, I can hear the sound of the kettle. “Mmmmm” hot water... I say with pleasure. I ran back towards my bed and hopped in the bed and tucked myself in.. Finally I was warm. Wrapping the blanket around my body I almost trip over. I go down the stairs, turn the light on, the light after a while turned off with no warning at all. I pour myself a cuppa tea, my mum says “Give me a blanket” I gave it to her. My toes where numb & also my arms.

On a beautiful school night, I try to go to sleep, I kick the blanket off my bed and roll myself on to the wall as close as possible. I ask my mum to “turn the heater off”. I close my eyes but still nothing was helping me to fall asleep. I managed to burst down the stairs put some ice in my mouth & my mum said “come back upstairs you got school tomorrow” I go back upstairs & try to go back to sleep. Closing my eyes I slowly go back down stairs, lye down on the beautiful cold couch, turn on the t.v & stare at the shadow of the tree branches. It seemed like a horror movie. Then eventually fall asleep.

Narrative about rugby.

Tj was bouncing from room to room because his older brother Lorenzo had allowed him to go along with him to the mall & do some shopping for his parents. Tj was all ready and had all of his coolest clothes on & walked out of the door with his socks, Lorenzo asked “Wheres your’e shoes?” Tj rushed into the garage & was looking for his converses, 20m later his friend came in his car & Lorenzo hopped in, while tj was still looking for his shoes, he was getting worried that he would leave.

Clock was bang on 80m & it was up to Dowie to score the try, 20m left & he would've scored he side stepped the prop who thought he was a fullback & his heart was racing. He had goosebumps along his legs & his face you could probably see it from a mile away. He dives for the corner and knocks on the ball. After the game one of his teammates sarcastically jokes about it then Dowie loses it.

Treaty Signing.

Just imagine being in the presence of British Representatives, & Maori Chiefs in the year of 1840 for the signing of the Treaty Of Waitangi,you can hear heated debates & discussions between the 2 nations about fighting for the Maori to either your rights or equal rights.  You're stuck on an Island which has no law & no rules & The british are trying to take over the your people and their rights. .As the people of the two nation’s gather to sign the treaty, everyone waits anxiously for peace of there land.
In 1840 there was a lot of conflict between the Maori and the British people. It was caused by loss of land, Murder or theft, but in between all that there were some peace between nations, because they were trader’s ( A converter )which means they could exchange weapons for either anything the natives had.
As the British started coming from britain to New Zealand they started provoking  the Maori people by killing for land or ripping them off. So then it started the beginning of the Treaty, the Treaty of Waitangi. On February the 6th 1840 the Treaty was signed, it was signed by 500 Maori Chief and 13 women Chief signed.  
The end of the day 50 Maori chief signatures & 450 british signatures were on the contract. What the contract means to me? I reckon the treaty brought heaps of peace towards the 2 nations, but then after 5 years a war was declared between the 2 nations because Hone Heke brought to cut down the Union Jack.

Diving off the plane (narritive)

When Max was About to jump off the plane from thousands of feet high. Looking down towards the ground it feel like he was going to die. It was a new experience for Max, because had never jumped so high before.
      Seeing his sister in comfort she didn't look worried at all. In the plane it was cold & started to give him the shivers.It felt like a waste of time. The time he took was almost forever.His palms started to sweat & his whole body was also starting to get numb. Then butterflies started to kick in & now he was at the point where he wanted to throw up.
     He could see the clouds, gliding through the sky.He looked down it felt like I was the tallest guy in the world. His face was getting red, his teeth rattling. He ran & crouched behind the gear, while his heart was pounding he breathed in through his nose, out through his mouth.
      Just before he jumped he took another gasp of breath still while his teeth were rattling. Flying in the middle of nowhere Max was the happiest kid in the world. He had came over his fear of heights. He could feel the wind rushing towards his face. It was like his skin was peeling of slowly.It felt like glory for the first time ever in his life.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia Night

Anticipation of the crowd and how many people the rest of the school and I had to perform for, was a challenge. Over 2,000 people turned up with food stalls, blankets even cameras & ipads to take photos of their children. Before everything kicked off the 4 Mc’s & Mr Burt walked up to the stage Introduced themselves and explained where everything was & how Cameras/Ipads were allowed to be held up when taking photos. while my Group the Senior Kapa Haka group were nervously waiting for our cue on stage, the 4 Mc’s for the night where: Isara, Gloria, Tyla & Wyatt.

“No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena ra tatou katoa” Wyatt finished off his mihimihi then walked off stage. I could overhear people cheering on some of us individuals and myself. I got onto stage, with butterflies flying around in my belly and the shivers started to creep up my spine. The first song we sang some of us went flat because of the excitement backstage before our performance but the rest of our songs were sung to perfection & we all did our best.

“From one of the small oceans in the pacific, the Niueans bring heart & soul to the stage, Please welcome the Niuean Warriors” The coming on soundtrack started and our leader Lorenzo ran onto the middle at the back step from the opposite side of the stage, we followed with energy. Stevenson came up to the front of the stage and blew the conch shell. Lorenzo called “Monu! We shouted back “Monu! We yelled out together “Monu Tutagaloa”. A couple of some more items from us then we did our Takalo (haka) We made a crack in the middle of the stage from our big stomping, we were really intense and we were probably the best group on the night.

I reckon that we were louder than the Samoan Group because we thought we weren’t going to be loud,  Afterwards the stage had a crack where I was standing . Overall the night was awesome and our whole school did well too.