Thursday, April 14, 2011


The Playing surface is 100m long and has a try line on each side and a goal post on. On your directional sides have a side line witch if one player steps out of bounds there's a line out. The teams have two category's known as backs and forwards the forwards are the strong men who pack in to scrums preform line-outs and who form ruck's to keep position of ball, The backs a the sleek faster running players and are the men who preform set plays and the scoring attempts. So after a team scores points theres a kick off after each time.When theres a knock on theres a scrum or a penalty they could either pick a Punt, Kick at goal,Run, or a scrum. The team that revives the penalty will normally go for a kick at goal if there close to the goal post, but if there not they would go for a punt to gain more yards.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Rugby Pitch

The rugby playing pitch is 100m long and has one goalpost on each side theres one try line in each side. All the players are separated in to two category known as forwards the forwards are the people that pack in to scrums and form line-outs and the backs are the ones who usually do the ball handling play making and scoring attempts . After a try or if a team scores points theres a kick off after the team scored points. The main parts in the game is to gain more yards so the opposition doesn't get near the try line hats why the punt it down field and if they get a penalty

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rugby Scrum

A scrum is formed when a team has been awarded a penalty for an illegal straight kick out of bounds from a kick off or a penalty for offside. If one team has a choice to pick they would usually go for the punt to gain more yards or sometimes they would go for a scrum.If the opposition wins the ball in a scrum the opposition might get a free kick. If the opposition collapses the scrum the team that got awarded the penalty would have to form another scrum.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hydroslide at Swimarama

As I was walking up the steep steps I heard an anticipation of echoing voices as people were making there way down the hydro slide.With full excitement it was my turn on the hydro slide Mr.Somerville gave me a hard push down the hydro slide then when the green light shined then I turned around as quickly as I could so could go head first then I hit my head on the side of the slide.Then I saw the light and I said “Thank lord for such a hydro slide” then a big giant puddle of water came on me and laughed.Then I went back up for another turn.


As I entered the rink I started to wibble and wobble. Moving precariously I clutched on to my friend so I didn't fall over. Then skillfully then I tried skillfully swerving around my friend so we didn't collide together. With a sudden stop in front of him I .So when I wibbled and wobbled again I confidently said “come on Shayne you can do it”.After that got a fright then ,I fell down and I started to laugh.Then I helped my self up and sang “believe it or not I'm walking on air I never thought I could be so free” then I fell down again.


Coming to school with excitement,I thought to myself why am I running to the hall hoping that we would go straight away. But no we didn’t because Mr. Burt was giving us some information about the rules. After that we went off to the pt England reserve (it’s a beach.)

When we got there, Mr. Burt told us the aloud to play in. I went to look for people down in the beach. My friends Marvin ,Piriniah and Anthony were having morning tea. Then we went back to then I went to baseball but we started making playing t-ball. When we saw the kids swimming we went to eat our lunch because I didn’t bring our togs.

The whole time I was talking finally it was day to remember so we went back to our class room to get our bags. And then we went home.