Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All blacks one off game against The United States team.

Later on in the year the All Blacks will be facing the United states team in Chicago, on there new artificial fields. The fields are only used for Nfl games, but its the first time a rugby game will be held on the artificial fields. The team is very lucky because they will be the first players plus the United states rugby. The game will be held on the 1st of November.

The team that was named has a new recruit that will be starting and is a new player to the squad. Chicago has one of the best grounds for any type of football, the artificial grounds were renovated in late 2002 through to 2003. The fields are the are new to the all blacks, and this will be a one off game. It will be the first time that an international rugby game has been held on artificial grounds, in chicago.

Monday, May 19, 2014


This is my poster of my week one immersion thing.


The New York who found $40,000

Three roommates who purchased a couch for $20 found $40,000 in paper stashed in the bottom of the pillows on the couch. And returned it to an 91-year-old upstate New York widow had clandestine'd the cash underneath the couch. WABC-TV in New York has proclaims that a State University in New York have found many envelopes secretly stashed inside the couch that was on sale for $20 bought from the Salvation Army earlier in march.
      The money was found when they where cleaning the couch and lifted up the cushions so people could take a seat on the couch & one of the students found an envelope .The third year new-paltz to the university student Reece Werkhoven said he found the first cluster of envelopes on the side of the couch & kept searching till they found more envelopes stuffed with money in them.

News Article

During the middle of the night on the 15th of April, over 300 girls were kidnapped from their school in Nigeria. There has been a campaign stating "#BringBackOurGirls. Some of the girls have managed to escape from were ever they been held hostage, some believe that the girls have been put to slavery. To force Boko Haram to free the girls, the United States has announced that they will be deploying a 200 person military.

The kidnapping cause alot of people to change young girls from getting an education. Everybody around the world are devastated about the incident. The amount of girls who have been abducted in one night is weird because a whole army of men could at least make use of there lives and go to there most probably hopeless families.


Did you know some marine mammals and bats use echolocation? Comparable to a radar or any tracking system, echolocation is the manufacturing of sound used for communication. Echolocation is the use of a really high pitched echo frequency sounds for finding. How echolocation is used? Echolocation is used by Bats. How its used, it is used with the sound coming from their mouths & ricocheting back onto their ears which from any surface ahead of them.

Bats have really medium vision when it comes to lurking around at night, for example searching for prey & looking for a special flower to take pollen out of, unlike other species in the world they have perfect vision in the night time, there are over 500 bats in the world at the moment & they all different types one group & the two main types around are called the Megabats & Microbats. Megabats, in other names fruit bats.  From 2001 to 2003 fruit bats were tested to see if they have a disease called ebola and 1-3 bats came out Ebola positive, ebola is a hemorrhagic fever which is very rare to bats.

Not only bats use echolocation to track or find stuff around the place. Humans also use it as well, in a documentary a boy called Ben had lost his eyes as a child due to a sickness where it was he was in a do or die position. The shot calling where on his mum because he was only a little boy at the age of 5, his eyes started to play up when he was growing up and his mum had noticed a bump on his eye, & when he grew older he started to use his hearing as a seeing tool.

For him he made clicking noise with his mouth to track where he was, one of the awesome things he did that amazed people was running down & getting stuff for his mum around the house.

I think that echolocation is a great thing to be used around the world, the amazing thing about is that any species including us humans can use echolocation. I think that the boy Ben is really fortunate to have the power to detect where everything is. It could change your life.