Thursday, February 17, 2011


Guess what? I really thought that I was going to dislocate my spine while I was on the hydro slide at the pools, but luckily I didn't.....

It was New Years Day and I was at the pools in Waiwera.While I was on my way down the slide I flew up then when I landed it was painful - it was like my back was numb the whole way down. So when I got out I couldn't stretch.

After a rest my back was better so I tried going on the Hydro slide again and my brother said "OMG mum he's trying it again. This time I went stomach first and when I got to the bit that hurt my back, I flew up again and when I landed it was like landing belly first into a diving pool from a diving board. "SPLAT!"

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  1. Hey Shayne....

    Nice recount on your New years day at Waiwera!!!! How's your back now??? Is it okay?? What slide did you go down, what is your Faviourite slide?? Mine definatly was the stretcher slide and the gutbuster!!!! Hey Shane...did you try the lava pool??? I'd like to know!!!

    From Kayde


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