Monday, August 1, 2011

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

“Ireland” I heard Mr J cheer as I was entering the hall for our Immersion Assembly. I was saying in my head, “I’m a supporter of Ireland too”. As soon as I heard the Rugby World Cup theme song play I mysteriously said to my friend “I think I've got a hint of what we're learning about this term." He whispered back, “Me too.” I couldn't wait to see the teachers perform their immersion items.

Soon appeared Team 3. It was so funny, I giggled the whole way through non stop. They were dressed as rugby players from different countries. As Mrs Barks was explaining what the All Blacks eat for breakfast the teachers were picking a student as their partner. As they finished they went back onto the stage and some kind of scary music played. There was a countdown 3 2 1. Suddenly the students were feeding the teachers. It was really hilarious as the country's, New Zealand, Canada and France competed in a Weet-Bix eating competition. As New Zealand was still trying to get the spoon into their mouth Canada and England were eating as fast as they could to finish the Weet Bix.

One of my other favorite performances was our team. There was a man called George Nepia and he was a referee for a rugby game and when the opposition kicked the ball to the home team George Nepia caught the ball and scored a try I didn’t even know that the try referee try count.

I really feel happy about this terms topic I think its one of the best topics I've ever had.

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