Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shayne Anzac Holiday

During the school holidays I spent the first Saturday at Westfield Downtown. To get there I had to train to town with my 22 year old brother Bruce.We rushed out of the houses, forgetting about my sister , to get to the Panmure train station. On the way to the train station my brother stopped at the Westpac ATM . I was surprised that he pulled out $100.“Hurry Up we’re going to be late” I said furiously. As we were running with my heart pumping hard. I was trying to think positively that we were going to make it. Finally we got there. “Yes Bruce.” I said relieved. We made it in time to catch the train to Britomart.
After a long train ride, my brother and I energetically rushed out of the train, into the bus to Westfield. My brother said, “WHEW we’re the luckiest people on the globe.”
With the bus stopping opposite Westfield, we crossed the road and entered the Mall. Unexpectedly my brother gave me $50. We made a plan. Our plan was we get 1hour to look for something to get and then we meet up at Tank to get a drink and a feed from the Foodcourt.
So I went to Hallensteins to get me a shirt and Skinny Jeans for my cousin for his birthday. “Yes they’re on special” I said. They were $10 each so already that was $20 wasted.
Nervously I jogged to Hannah's, thinking I was running out of time, to buy some pulp shoes to go out to nice places. I bought some dark brown ones then I ran back to Tank. I had $5.50 left so I bought a drink . My brother turned up 10 minutes later. Exhausted from all that shopping I had a last sip just as my 16 year old sister turned up coming from the train. “What did I miss” she said. We all giggled. We had something to eat together and that was the end to a happy day.

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