Monday, September 12, 2011


During the last couple of Thursdays my class has been going to play Badminton, we have been having a lot of fun during our sessions. There were two ladies their names were Lorene and Donna, but Donna was there for only 1 day. Since we’ve been going there we have played many games.

One of the games we played was a game that we all had to line up and each time Lorene served it to us we had to do an over the head hit. As we were focusing on the shuttle we kept on getting it, more than that if we had missed we would have to relinquish (Lose) our racket we were holding. The shuttle had a weighted rubber bottom and when it came down it came down on its weighted side. I was really to excited, even missed it a couple of times. Lucky for me students from my class had to pass it on from the back if we had lost it.

The teamwork was so hard because I was under pressure and I was thinking 'is this a major game we're playing or is it just for fun?'. “Ohhh” were up to our last racket, everybody was jumping and screaming at people saying “come on hit the shuttle”, then it was up to me and thankfully I hit it and quickly passed it on.

After we moved on to our next tutorial. One of my class called Rauf and Lorene showed the class how to hit the shuttle around your leg and back. Rauf made it look easy, even when he closed his eyes to. We had to hit the shuttle twice and hit the shuttle again but the tricky thing was we had to hit it under our legs and I couldn't even get it under my legs.

I wish this could happen every day so I can practice and practice, so I can be perfect at this enjoyable sport.

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  1. Hi Shane its me Nezinli i like your writing and that movie you had. good work and keep it up.


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