Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saving A Humpback Whale

As they were at sea they noticed a whale lying motionless partly on the surface. Approaching it they couldn’t see any signs of life. It was so still. But luckily it blew some water out of its blowhole. Micheal and his family were thankful it was still alive, even though it was still close to death.

Michael dived into the water with his snorkel. He discovered the whale’s body was severely entangled in a gill net. It was so emotional for the family because they could see how the whale was struggling for its life.

With one small knife Micheal found it hard for him to cut off the net. It took 1 hour for Micheal to  work to cut the net. Witch was hard for Micheal to cut it.So the whale could be set free.

Amazingly they finally managed to free the whale. As it swam away it showed a magnificent display of breaching and slapping its tale on the water. It was a great view for Michael's family to see that she was having fun. It showed that she was happy to be free.

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