Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NRL Queensland My favorite player

My favorite team is Queensland and my best Queensland star is Jonathan Thurston and Greg Inglis they've been my favorite players ever since 2009 and now I have heaps of poster of them. The player who inspires is Greg Inglis he has been my favorite player before Jonathan Thurston because he been my favorite player since 2007.My first match I watched was not State of Origin I watched the Kiwis vs The Kangaroos and that's how my favorite player became Greg Inglis and Jonathan Thurston.


  1. Hey Shayne my favorite is Queensland but in that my
    favorite is billy slater.

  2. Hey Shayne my favorite is Ne South Whales but my favorite in new south is Jared Hane because ha is the Hane plane. There is one thing that I will tall you you need to fix your writing

  3. Thanks For the people who commented on this post.




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