Monday, November 21, 2011


“ARRHHHHH” avoiding the poop stepped into it and it didn’t know, Logan told me and my reaction was so YUCKKYY!!.

One Tree Hill!! I said to Esrah “there’s no way I am walking up there again, but I did. Half way me and Evan touched the fence and pretended that it was an electric. It was funny. Seeing everything from the top was solid. People were saying “Thats my house it was really funny”. I was planking.

We went down to the crater I slipped it was embarrassing because it was a lot of times. Wyatt gave me a marshmallows and I was saying it was a Twinkie and Isara said “I’m telling on you that your eating lollies” but no I wasn’t.

When we arrived at the crater we all slid down on our bottoms and mine was all green because of the grass and dirt. I hated when we had to run back up when we wanted to roll back down or slide. The Stardome was the main part as our trip. We entered Stardome there were heaps of artifacts shown around the place, our tutor was a lady called Petra we entered a theater with a Stardome roof like a round stomach we were watching a cardboard box rocket ship. They went around all the planets Jupiter had a storm a big one and they had to quickly get out of their. We headed back to school, really exhausted.

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