Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swimming At Gi Pools

“We’re leaving in 5min” Ms Squires said powerfully. “I wonder where we are going,” I said to my friend, then I saw something in front of me and said “Yes we were at the swimming pools.” Quite happily I changed, dashing like Flash. Actively walking I carefully made my way to showers and entered the cold shower I felt a blast of freezing water slithering down my spine.

As I dived into the pool I sent water spraying onto the people sitting on the bench. I gasped for a breath and the people sounded like two little tiny cats,well not really. As I glided away I said “HAHA” and swam away from the people.

So as I sat back on the wall I put my feet into the water and it felt like a foot spa. After my foot to spa I got into the pool again and it was deliciously warm. Submerging into the water I pushed of the wall and glided up to the surface and started to coordinate the different movements.

Then Studarmyer said “Get out for pool otherwise I will tell Ms Squires that you’ve been front flipping.” Entering the pool again, a shock of cold slithered up my spine and I said “OMG”. Hopping out of the pool I saw room 15 and room 17 approaching the changing pools, then I walked over to the changing rooms and departed out smelling like Cool Charm. Then we walked back to school , and some of us were tired.

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  1. Hi Shayne,

    What a great story about swimming you wrote! Good job on using lots of descriptive words. I could really imagane what you were feeling or seeing at that moment. Great movie too, what a fantastic animation! Keep up the AMAZING work!!!


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