Thursday, April 14, 2011


The Playing surface is 100m long and has a try line on each side and a goal post on. On your directional sides have a side line witch if one player steps out of bounds there's a line out. The teams have two category's known as backs and forwards the forwards are the strong men who pack in to scrums preform line-outs and who form ruck's to keep position of ball, The backs a the sleek faster running players and are the men who preform set plays and the scoring attempts. So after a team scores points theres a kick off after each time.When theres a knock on theres a scrum or a penalty they could either pick a Punt, Kick at goal,Run, or a scrum. The team that revives the penalty will normally go for a kick at goal if there close to the goal post, but if there not they would go for a punt to gain more yards.

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