Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia Night

Anticipation of the crowd and how many people the rest of the school and I had to perform for, was a challenge. Over 2,000 people turned up with food stalls, blankets even cameras & ipads to take photos of their children. Before everything kicked off the 4 Mc’s & Mr Burt walked up to the stage Introduced themselves and explained where everything was & how Cameras/Ipads were allowed to be held up when taking photos. while my Group the Senior Kapa Haka group were nervously waiting for our cue on stage, the 4 Mc’s for the night where: Isara, Gloria, Tyla & Wyatt.

“No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena ra tatou katoa” Wyatt finished off his mihimihi then walked off stage. I could overhear people cheering on some of us individuals and myself. I got onto stage, with butterflies flying around in my belly and the shivers started to creep up my spine. The first song we sang some of us went flat because of the excitement backstage before our performance but the rest of our songs were sung to perfection & we all did our best.

“From one of the small oceans in the pacific, the Niueans bring heart & soul to the stage, Please welcome the Niuean Warriors” The coming on soundtrack started and our leader Lorenzo ran onto the middle at the back step from the opposite side of the stage, we followed with energy. Stevenson came up to the front of the stage and blew the conch shell. Lorenzo called “Monu! We shouted back “Monu! We yelled out together “Monu Tutagaloa”. A couple of some more items from us then we did our Takalo (haka) We made a crack in the middle of the stage from our big stomping, we were really intense and we were probably the best group on the night.

I reckon that we were louder than the Samoan Group because we thought we weren’t going to be loud,  Afterwards the stage had a crack where I was standing . Overall the night was awesome and our whole school did well too.

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