Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Narrative about rugby.

Tj was bouncing from room to room because his older brother Lorenzo had allowed him to go along with him to the mall & do some shopping for his parents. Tj was all ready and had all of his coolest clothes on & walked out of the door with his socks, Lorenzo asked “Wheres your’e shoes?” Tj rushed into the garage & was looking for his converses, 20m later his friend came in his car & Lorenzo hopped in, while tj was still looking for his shoes, he was getting worried that he would leave.

Clock was bang on 80m & it was up to Dowie to score the try, 20m left & he would've scored he side stepped the prop who thought he was a fullback & his heart was racing. He had goosebumps along his legs & his face you could probably see it from a mile away. He dives for the corner and knocks on the ball. After the game one of his teammates sarcastically jokes about it then Dowie loses it.

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