Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Show Not tell Writing (Narrative)

Waking up from an afternoons sleep, I look outside and. see the cats bright green eyes & hearing dogs bark from my neighbor's front lawn. The shadow of the trees scaring me .I was freezing so I go into the cupboard & get me 3 extra blankets, I can hear the sound of the kettle. “Mmmmm” hot water... I say with pleasure. I ran back towards my bed and hopped in the bed and tucked myself in.. Finally I was warm. Wrapping the blanket around my body I almost trip over. I go down the stairs, turn the light on, the light after a while turned off with no warning at all. I pour myself a cuppa tea, my mum says “Give me a blanket” I gave it to her. My toes where numb & also my arms.

On a beautiful school night, I try to go to sleep, I kick the blanket off my bed and roll myself on to the wall as close as possible. I ask my mum to “turn the heater off”. I close my eyes but still nothing was helping me to fall asleep. I managed to burst down the stairs put some ice in my mouth & my mum said “come back upstairs you got school tomorrow” I go back upstairs & try to go back to sleep. Closing my eyes I slowly go back down stairs, lye down on the beautiful cold couch, turn on the t.v & stare at the shadow of the tree branches. It seemed like a horror movie. Then eventually fall asleep.

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