Monday, April 21, 2014

Holiday's so far

It feels & I feel like a king to be sleeping in knowing that its the school holidays, I've had so much fun over the 4 days that we have been off. It kicked off with seeing my friend Waata after 3 weeks with him at his hostel in town. Without him in the neighbourhood left me to do nothing in the past weekends only the times he was allowed out was probably the only time I had to spend quality time with him. 
     Just the other night on Saturday We went to the Night markets Waata, Kendrix & I, for me I reckon that was our best memory, like eating heaps & getting to meet there parents. We've been all over the place, & today I'm going to Rotarua for My Family Reunion, I hope I have so much fun there because I've only been there 3 times, I don't like the smell but overall the place is beautiful.
    Waiting for school is like waiting for a really unprepared restaurant bringing your food, because I really want to go back & see all my friends & just to be up at 8 until 3 :( This morning I woke up packed my bags thinking I was going to school but then my mum said "there's no school" then I frowned. Anyways next post coming up next week. 

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  1. Hi Shayne, I enjoyed reading your holiday post and look forward to more. I am pleased you caught up with Waata. Say hi to him from me

    Mrs. Burt


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