Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Netbook Refelction

For 3 years now I have owned my own netbook, the journey & the wifi connections have been fabulous its helped me get onto my Google Drive & Gmail account. This year the wifi it has been alot faster than before. One thing I have discovered is how fast you can flick through places. There are different workspaces, for example (Hold Ctrl & Alt then press the arrows).
    Throughout this year my teacher has taught me to learn & understand more of the Maori Language. On netbooks & Maori. Another thing I've learnt by myself this year is probably the way to Podcast & be able to get along with others. This one my friends Kobe (check out his blog) throughout the year he been my role model just because he's quiet, not a loud mouth or a show off.
     A few weeks ago my mum told me to man up, guess what I said back "NO" then I started to get better. One of the talent's have is the passion to play league every Saturday I think learning off my netbook helps me alot. Like watching videos off Youtube. In ways how I like to learn is like working in groups of 2 below or either by myself. Next year my goal is to type, read, & write better & improve real well. And to get better at rugby.

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  1. Shayne, I have never owned a Netbook, but you make it sound very easy to use and understand. I hope that you continue to get better at Maori, rugby, and reading and writing. Great post!


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