Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Diving off the plane (narritive)

When Max was About to jump off the plane from thousands of feet high. Looking down towards the ground it feel like he was going to die. It was a new experience for Max, because had never jumped so high before.
      Seeing his sister in comfort she didn't look worried at all. In the plane it was cold & started to give him the shivers.It felt like a waste of time. The time he took was almost forever.His palms started to sweat & his whole body was also starting to get numb. Then butterflies started to kick in & now he was at the point where he wanted to throw up.
     He could see the clouds, gliding through the sky.He looked down it felt like I was the tallest guy in the world. His face was getting red, his teeth rattling. He ran & crouched behind the gear, while his heart was pounding he breathed in through his nose, out through his mouth.
      Just before he jumped he took another gasp of breath still while his teeth were rattling. Flying in the middle of nowhere Max was the happiest kid in the world. He had came over his fear of heights. He could feel the wind rushing towards his face. It was like his skin was peeling of slowly.It felt like glory for the first time ever in his life.

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