Friday, August 1, 2014

Rugby Writing.

Last week on Wednesday on the 23rd of july,  2 Open Weight Boyz  (me & my friend lorenzo) along with the under 65kg boys had a rugby game against Sacred Heart College. Our team was stacked and the pressure was on us, because our previous game we had beaten them by one try and we had to win this so it would be 2-0 wins to us.

Getting ready in the hall Lorenzo & I were worried if we were allowed to be playing because it was a under 68/70 ish kilogram game, but they didn't have enough players so we were going to be fill ins or water boys. I really wanted to play. All the boys were called out through the intercom to bring their gear & come to the hall.They looked surprised to see us.

Arriving at the fields our coach and manager asked the coach if Lorenzo & I could play for this game, and he said yes, we were happy as. Warming up we just did dynamic stretches, and slow jogs up to our coach Marzel. Then he named the starting line up and I was coming off the bench.

“Brrrrr” the ref blew the whistle and it was time to kick off...... Once I got on field, some of the Sacred Heart players our team knew where staring at me. They said “Isn't he overweight”, And I said “So what”. Again the ref blew the whistle and pointed to the spot because we had scored the opening try, it went to Jabez one of the fastest on the field. We were all happy to score the first try. The first half we were leading 10-5.

2nd half had begun and I was slowly getting tired so I started to get angrier and angrier.Gasping my breath I moved out towards the backline and the ball had come towards me and the spotted a big gap between their center and winger because we had a overlap, the goose stepped and bursted through the gap. I made about 20m and then I eventually got tackled, They scored consecutively and kept us scoreless then we scored, but all our goal kicks had not gone in.

By the end of the game we had scored five tries and they had scored 4, but had got the kicks in. and we lost bye 2 points, to have 1 a piece.

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  1. I'm glad you both got to play. It sounds like the two teams are pretty closely matched. What are you doing to build your fitness and skills?


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