Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ki o Rahi

Ki o Rahi is a ball game traditionally played & was made by the Maori People. The ball is called the “Ki”. The fast sport is comparable to Australian rules, Rugby, Netball & also touch. There are 7 “pou” around the circular bases, The game is played either on a field or a netball court. On the court it has to be tag, or if you're on a field you can tackle.

All round skills between netball, rugby and Aussie rules are really needed. The key skills you need if you are playing tackle is the ability to sidestep, Pass, and really have a powerful arm & good vision. You also have to have good grip onto the ball & you have to be very fit, to be running around the circular base.

When played, to be able to score you have to attempt to throw  the ball and hit the rubbish bin or the Te Tupu in the middle. The aim is to throw the ball and aim right at the Te Tupu & if you hit it then you get a point.

There are two teams Taniwha & Kioma. Taniwha runs around the circle trying to touch the Pous (the sticks in a circle around the area where you playing). & Kioma is trying to deny Taniwha from touching the pous and going into the circle where the Te Tupu is, from scoring a try. If you want to score a try you have to touch the pou then run into the middle, but if you pass the person that is receiving the ball behind the circle.

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