Friday, August 29, 2014


Kabaddi is a contact sport which is originally based on wrestling, which formerly came from India. The game had its first international world cup in 2010 which was held in Punjab, India. This game came from the attack and defence from the youth of pakistan.

The skills needed for this game are: Agility, Aggression, Speed, Defence, and most importantly strength. The game is played by two teams, the raiders(One who enters into the court of the opponent with the cant is known as a ‘RAIDER’. The raider must begin his cant before he touches the opponent’s court.) and the catchers (the people from the opposite team who will attempt to tackle or bring down the opponent, if tug by the raider).

Each team will have a maximum of 10-12 players, but with 7 remaining on the playing surface. The playing time will be split into 10min halves. If the catcher gets tug then the raider has to try and run away in order to not get ground impounded on the ground or they may be put into a submission maneuver.

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