Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Black Ops 2

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is a video first person shooting game created by Treyarch & published by Activition. There are 3 game modes you can choose from like, Multiplayer (Online gaming) Campaign (The story of the black ops and how they journey through the battles of the american military) and Zombies.

David Mason the son of Alex Mason  is one of the main characters in to Campaign, Alex travels around the world in the year 2025 looking for the person who had shot his father so bad, he got put in the wheelchair  .The story is told from the two perspectives, with one plot arc following the antics of original Black Ops characters Alex Mason and Sgt Frank Woods during the War and the second Mason's son in 2025 missions.

Multiplayer you can choose from a range of battles, either against bots or real life enemy's or friendly custom games. All the game modes on multiplayer on line and offline are;  Team Deathmatch, Multi-TeamDeathmatch, Free For All & if you buy the game, many more! The reason I like this game like this game because  the trickshots, and quickscopes, click on the link below, and if you have a youtube channel subscribe, like, subscribe.

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