Monday, December 9, 2013

My Weekend at Paihia.

During the weekend my family & I went to a wedding in Pahia, it was a  4h drive from Auckland to Paihia. The ride was pretty boring . I hardly enjoyed it.
    As We entered Kawakawa & I started to feel  car sick. It was boring but then there was food in the boot. 3km left......... As we drove into Paihia I got out of the car & jumped into the ocean & I had a swim.
    Then we went back to our hotel at about 8pm & went to my cousin in laws Fathers house for dinner.Saturday  The Hotel we where staying at was the KingsGate hotel & the wedding was up the road, like almost a 5m walk to Te Ti beach. The reception was awesome food everywhere, drinks on the tab. It made my day, only because I was hungry as.
  Opposite my hotel there was my cousins hotel & mine so I went there & had another feed then went for a swim. I nearly sank to the ground cos I was so full . I enjoyed my weekend. It was a experience of a life time.. At Shippeys there fish was oily & Fatty but I still ate it......Sunday. It was our last see of Paihia We went to a breakfast & restaurant called Upperdeck.  Breakfast was awesome there.

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