Friday, November 7, 2014


Have you been caught in a rip? If you panicked i'm surprised you're still alive because this is one of the most common factors in why people drown alot.New Zealand has one of the highest drowning rates in the OECD at the moment. First of all most people can be very dumb. if you had went to school and learnt about beaches.  

To bypass a rip you have to make sure you are swimming between the yellow and red flags because it is the safest area to swim in. You would know to not overreact in a rip current, step one: never panic because i can cause alot of misunderstanding between your body and your brain, step two: when wanting help raise one hand and maybe call out if thats the only way to get attention from lifesavers or other people.

If you discover discoloured water ( never go towards it if you're scared of going out to the deep blue ocean, when discovered the discoloured water you will see that the waves are not crashing in the area where the rip is formed. The ocean will be rushing out towards the ocean.

I hope this has helped you in and out of the sea, commment to tell me if you have saved anybodys life.

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