Monday, December 1, 2014

Future Aspirations

As Team 5 walked into the Street they had a good line up of speakers getting ready to speak. Mr.Andrew Patterson had never missed a Future Aspirations before, in term 2 he had a good line up of speakers and they were exceptional.

The first speaker was Anthony Samuels, who everybody in the intermediate block knew. He had a very good topic to talk to us about. He started to talk about his early life and how he started to entertain, and the rest of his life. In the early 90’s he started a job as a entertainer \ n what now and became the longest running producer in the What Now! Company. He was kind of a clown while we were looking at his photos back then, and he told us one quote which stated “Your past does not have to determine your future”

Up next as the 2nd speaker was my dear friend Paula Fakalata, he told us about his life & when he almost died. It all started when he was at school, he went to Glen Innes School. When he was little he thought he was the man at swimming but really.... When he would race he’d get tired and because he was very tall at a young age he’d act like hes swimming but hes walking.

Then one day he went to a tournament and almost drown, because the pool was too deep for him

Then it was the last one Her name was Amelia Unufe. She talked about how she became a fashion designer. She was in university and kids her class knew her they said to her ‘’ You're not gonna get a good future” because of her brother seted a bad reputation for her family

Overall Paula, Amelia & Anthony were very good i enjoyed it alot

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