Sunday, January 11, 2015

I miss you Pt England

Everything has hit me, I know im going to miss this school, throughout these 8 years have being alot of up and downs but I promise I will never stop blogging. Listening to songs that reminded me of this school shows how much all you teachers given up your time to teach us. I hope in this year of 2015 all the kids will realize how much you have sacrificed to be with them.

My adventure in high school began on the 1st of January, im not going to forget all the awesome things you have taught me. I could say proudly it has been a pleasure growing up in Pt.England School.You never thought I'd write this ay? But yeah like I said my journey starts this year,mathematics is the subject I need to rise up on. Last year was great having Ms.Squires again, once again she pulled the real potential out of me. I cried quite a lot on the last day.

Mrs & Mr Burt I really hope you read this, you have really guided me to bring a young but delicate man, & also all the teachers that have taught me in the recent years, but especially I would like to thank Mr. Kent Somerville, bro thanks a lot I know I was a bit rough when I was younger but you helped me launch into a young man, no words can describe how much I'll miss you. Also how could I forget Ms.Tito you too have trained me to become what I am today, it's always been a privilege to be a kaia in kapas, I really hope you succeed Ms, with your iron maori as well.

"Treasure all the memories" my grandfather said, I definitely have. Like people say "All good things have to come to an end". So on behalf of me, myself, and my family I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you , & may the lord be with you guys forever.

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  1. Sooo proud of you Shayne. Your blogpost just highlights how you have matured into such an amazing young man who has continued to keep stepping up into that potential we all see in you.... and yes delicate at times :) .
    What a wonderful thing to do as well Shayne, to acknowledge all those people who have been significant for you in your journey. We are going to miss you too and will always have you in our thoughts as you begin this next chapter of your life.
    Ms Squires


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