Thursday, June 20, 2013

Literacy Rotation

For the past week all the Team 5 classes have been doing Literacy Rotation. The Team 5 teachers came up with the most amazing idea & split classes into Literacy groups, I'm in A1 out of all 3 groups. Ms Tito & Miss King are doing some creative are & MTV videos that are presented at the end of the week. The main artist we were focusing on was Michael Jackson & the song that me & my group did last week was smooth criminal we thought that the song was so cool.
    I really liked the song because its a good song to animate & make it was really fun making the movie, because we used I can Animate it was what I think my first time using that application. These past 2 weeks we have been constantly starting school at 8:30. Things have really changed.


  1. Hi Shayne,It different know compared to how we use to do reading and writing and also a check-list.I can see we aren't in the same group.

  2. Hi Shayne

    I really like how your school has done a Literacy rotation. It really got me thinking if my school should do one. Keep up the great work.

    From Jacob


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