Wednesday, June 5, 2013

IM A FINALLIST! (narrative)

Wow. Ive actually made it this far to the cooking competition. I can't describe how hard this will be I hope its not to hard. But I've completed the other task now its time for this task I have to complete it.
I might cook Lasagne on gravy, mmmmm NICE! But I have to cook something to impress the judges. I hope there not to judgemental. Lets all just hope I win.
     Im so under pressure I only go 90 minuets on the clock now its time to plan.The only thing rushing through my head is hurry up SHAYNE! You can do this but another part of my body is saying "NAH
NAH, your'e gonna lose". Nek minute. On with the story, I reckon me & my partner up against the most hardest groups in the competition at this moment. I have to WIN, TODAY not tomorrow.
     The last minute in the cook off. & I have just started plating up my food. 4 judges For plates. So I quickly get a scoop of my Lasagne & lay it carefully on my plate with the gravy on top. 5, 4, 3,2,1.. Bam time felt like it just went like that. "PHEW" Luckily I plated up quickly... Im sweating like a pig...

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